Verification Services

you want the verification badge but don’t know how to get it yet?

The reality is that they all want it, but only a few ever get it. Social Media Verification is ONLY for accounts such as artists, actors, public figures, and notable firms that genuinely need that blue tick. It’s no secret that the world of social media verification is a maze. With the number of companies claiming to offer this service, every person should have already been verified by now and the digital screens would be trolling with blue badges.

Verification service

Hold on to your seats because 9Yards Media and Marketing are about to slap you with a reality check; the ignored truth that many of us refuse to acknowledge is that most accounts do not qualify for social media verification. See, a blue tick on your page is meant to indicate legitimacy. We live in an era where money is credibility and a stamp of legitimacy.

Now the question is…. Are YOU eligible for social media verification or not?

Don’t panic if you don’t have any press stories or Wikipedia pages. This can be worked out for you by our team of experts. Please note that it is simpler to verify your Facebook profile than to verify your Instagram handle. Verification on Instagram is reserved for specific celebrities and corporations.

Now, there is ONE thing you need to take into consideration before proceeding with the best media and marketing agency in the UAE…Yes, we just claimed that sentence!

Our promise to you is NOT that we guarantee your verification with us; however, we promise to give it all we got to make it happen for you through our connections and strategic approaches. We have a backtrack of verifying brands, so we know the dealio here!

Why Company/Personal Wiki is important?


Wiki is defined as a collection of Web pages designed for anyone to edit. Powered with hyperlinks, it keeps information in one place and ensures that the process of documenting important data stays simple. Applied to companies, Company Wiki or Business Wiki will help keeping knowledge and expertise organized in one place, enabling employees, or any other authorized person, to write and edit data at any time.


Said in plain English, Wiki is your business memory, a hard drive of your company.


If done properly, Business Wiki will be the very first place your employees turn to when they have questions to ask, or information to share. Business Wiki can help your new employees to learn company’s rules and guidelines faster, and it’s a great tool for connecting teams and individuals.