Take your voice-overs seriously!

9Yards sound studio is just around the corner! We have all our studios and production services made in-house; To sum it up, all your production services can take place under one roof. Our sound gurus use cutting edge technology, where they produce radio ready, high-quality music demos and masters at affordable rates. In addition to our music production services, 9Yards media and marketing also provides e-learning recording services, animation voice-overs, dubbing for theaters, professional photography services, and expert guidance to help propel a singer’s or brand’s career to pop-out to the next level!

9Yards Sound Studio Services in the UAE.

Well we aren’t just pretty words on a screen! Not only are our studios equipped with the gear you depend on for your productions, but we are also equipped with essentials such as: coffee bars, Wi-Fi, designated parking spaces, a creative crowd of people who are always on the go to sit down and jam out some nonsense. Of course, you are here to work, but that doesn’t mean you won’t have some downtime to chill. Relax and enjoy a game of billiards, or golf if you like.
With over a couple of years of exceeding some phenomenal expectations in print, TV, and video, our studios have evolved over-time so you can play just as hard as you work! Using tools to control tonal balance and dynamics, as well as forensic audio restoration techniques, your dialog, sound effects, and music will all sit clearly in the mix. 9Yard studio services is ready to be a part of your e-learning production, commercial, or even your internet streaming needs as we treat your dialog, music, sound effects, and sub effects all as separate elements, to ensure each sits clearly in the mix to support your creative vision. Contact us!