All in one studio services!

Whether you are shooting a video for e-learning comprehensions, a film or just still photography, 9Yards media and marketing will cover all your production needs through unlimited options by defining and redefining the look and feel of your final production. Our studios are in the heart of the UAE; so, don’t you worry about the commute as 9Yards is closer to you than you think!

From Imagination to Production!

Long story short, you’re here to get some “Pizzazz” or some exciting “WOW” factor from your concept, right? Well look no further, because 9Yards is your answer! We offer everything to keep your project running smooth and on a budget. Our production department is made up of the best geeks in town who take great pride in their work and bring their seasoned expertise to your production.
We understand that the production process, whether it be, an e-learning service take here in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, or just a still photography session; you will have to face the never-ending to-do list. We know that it may seem like the list keeps getting longer – schedules to maintain, invoices to track, creative issues to decide, but guess what, that is where we come in; because you need a command post to keep everything in order and to keep your filming on schedule! We don’t want to brag or anything, but 9Yards Media and Marketing is the best production service in town because we already have thought of every tiny detail to the dot so you can spend your time focusing on your film.
No matter which type of video you need, we can work with you to market your product, spread your message, and achieve any other goal you’ve set for your project! Let us talk about you.

9Yards Media and Marketing