We can help you reach farther.

A passionate group of individuals who never compromise on creativity and safety. We constantly aim for true excellence and the highest quality on every project. It is never about what we do, but it’s more about how we do it.

9Yards media and marketing professional drone pilots have come from all over the globe to build the most advanced technology to improve the drone operations layer, to fly tens of thousands of missions, and proudly serve major industry leaders across different fields.

When we talk about drones, we immediately think about the latest trendsand technologies in the industry and how they are changing every year for the better. Drones in events, live shows, activities, production, and photography has become an essential part of our future industry.


9Yards will deploy drones throughout the event space, for filming, advertising, carrying promotional contents, and spectacular drone shows in the sky. We use the drone for entertainment as well, particularly for visual shows, and many events with night-time shows and lights timed to music. It draws the crowd and creates a shareable moment with our clients and even our client’s clients!

We provide our clients with the most premium quality of photos, videos, maps, and data captured by one of our vetted and experienced professional drone pilots and photographers. Our certified pilots have the skills, talents, abilities, and the training required to get the job done right from the first time on.

We get accurate, drone-captures data to power up your business in every project, with visual updates, monitoring, models, and much more.

Showcase your business from the sky at a fraction of the cost and time with stunning photography and production for your events and shows.

Let 9yards media and marketing drone services here in the UAE take control of your vision!

9Yards Media and Marketing
9Yards Media and Marketing