Business Representatives

Wherever you do business, 9Yards can provide you with fast, reliable legal representation. As your business representative, 9Yards will manage your compliance, governance, litigation, and legal support demands. We will represent the story of your brand, what it means, what the company stands for, and how it is different, as we understand how to use this differentiation to win deals.

Our business service representatives will process documents that are important to the company, such as files, sales records, or insurance claims. The 9Yards team will work proficiently and directly with customers as well as the upper-level management within the company to resolve problems and keep your business moving smoothly; we are always eager, excited, and very energetic to working in a metrics-driven environment.


The 9Yards team consists of leaders and high-performing staff who are fully engaged with what they do. They speak out your company’s level of commitment and loyalty to the client, making sure they achieve all the organizational goals. 9Yards business representatives study your organizations’ mission and vision by heart and always make sure they’re taking the right steps to where your destination leads. We pay attention to your industry standard and demonstrate your full capabilities and propensity to put your company at your valued clients’ top list. Our team of representatives are educated with a huge background base of knowledge in all fields necessary that will assist them in communicating your company’s projects, messages, procedures, goals and responsibilities that will contribute to everyone’s benefit and to the company’s success.

In simple words, 9Yrads team has their own persuasion prospects that will make clients choose your company over other competitor! Customers generally select a brand if they truly believe that what it stands for, is better for them. We have the skills necessary to deliver your brand’s promise.

Business representatives Key Services


Networking (building face-to-face relations)


Social Selling

Company representation

Company representation


Speech guidelines


Speech outlines


Awareness speech


Business reports


Identifying client needs and suggesting appropriate services

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9Yards Media and Marketing