October 19th , 2019

do you feel like branding?

Creative branding is our unique way at 9 Yards to breathe life into your own brand in order to take it into the next level. We interact with your brand and craft its special personality to draw the roadmap towards your ideal brand that will put a spell on the minds of your targeted clients. We follow the 3C’s “Customer, Company, Competitor” model to get into the deepest place to understand your brand identity. THIS IS OUR DNA!

BRANDING- do you feel like branding

our areas of expertise

Identity Researching

That includes Name Storming, Brand planning and architecture & Market studying

Visual Identity

Where we design the whole 9yards of your brand, Market it & activating it

Audio Identity

Creating your Sonic & Voice Identity in our sound studios

Scent Identity

Looking for a unique scent? This is our solution for you.

Brand Protection

where we consider ourselves as your Trademark bodyguards